Magento is one of the most efficient eCommerce hosting platforms that has gained a lot of popularity with the features provided. Most of the people prefer Magento hosting UK when it comes to eCommerce websites. The following post illustrates the procedure of installing Magento on Windows 2008. It is assumed that the user is using the Plesk control panel. The similar procedure can be followed for any other control panel as well.

Step 1

Download Magento and upload it under the website

Step 2

Create MySQL databases relevant to Plesk or any other control panel that you are using. You will have to follow the below mentioned procedure to create the MySQL databases:

  • Go to domains > Domain name > Databases and click on add new database
  • Enter a name for the database. We recommend you to select a domain name that starts with a Latin alphabet symbol and comprises only of alpha numeric and underscore symbols [up to 64 symbols]
  • Select the database type that you are going to use : MySQL, PostgreeSQL or Microsoft SQL server
  • Select the database server of the selected type from the list and click on OK
  • In order to setup database administrator’s credentials, click on ‘Add New Database User’
  • Enter a user name and password that will be used for accessing the contents of the database
  • Click on OK

Step 3

Once the database is created, again click on the Domains option present under the domains section.

Step 4

When the page is reloaded it will display a list of domains under your Plesk control panel. Select the domain on which you want to install the Magento application.

Step 5

When you click on the domain, it will reload and display sections like Web Site, Additional Tools, etc… Select the ‘Applications & Services’ section and click on the ‘Web Applications’ icon.

Step 6

Now click on the ‘Install Web Application’ option. Note, when you install magneto through ‘Web Application’ option form Plesk windows , it gets installed in a sub-directory

Step 7

Enter Magento in the search box and hit the Search button

Step 8

Choose your domain as the destination directory from the list that appears on the screen.

Step 9

Click the “Install” button to start the installation. Accept the License Agreement and click on Next. Wait for the installation to complete. You will be prompted when the software has been installed.

Step 10

Enter the required information and also enter the destination of the Directory where you would like to install the Magento application

Step 11

Now, to finish the Magento installation on your server, click on ‘Install’

The process of installing Magento on Windows 2008 is now complete!

For getting a better insight on this process, you can also refer the following video: Magento Installation