Through this simple tutorial, we will learn how you can increase the upload limit on a MySQL server.

Prerequisites for increasing the limits over MySQL server:

You must have root access to your server.

Customers using VPS, Dedicated or Cloud Servers, can change the default settings.

As a default setting, MySQL on a cPanel server imposes a 50MB upload limit for import. Any attempt to upload more than this would see the following error:

“file-name” has failed to upload due to an error – This file exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

MySQL in cPanel uses the following php.ini file, which is located in



You can open the php.ini file using a text editor and change the values as shown below. Note that the value of post_max_size should be twice the upload_max_file size.

Change the following lines in the php.ini file:

post_max_size = 500MB
memory_limit = 512
max_execution_time = 3600

Having made these changes, you must save the file. It may also be necessary to restart the MySQL server for changes to take effect.

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