Joomla is one of the most efficient content management systems that also ensures the efficiency of Joomla Hosting UK. It is very important to backup Joomla in order to keep your data secure. In order to do that, you need to login to your web hosting account through FTP and then all the Joomla files can be downloaded to your desktop. In order to avoid loosing the Joomla backups it is highly recommended to keep files both on your computer and / or USB stick / CD.

For backing up your database you must access your hosting control panel and launch phpMyAdmin.

Joomla Hosting UK

Select your database. In case you have multiple databases select the database corresponding to Joomla.

You will see a screen similar to be one displayed below and all the and all the tables from the database will be listed.

Click on the export tab

Apart from the “add drop table” that has to be turned on; and all the default settings should remain as they are.

Finally, Select the “Save as file” option and click on go.

Congratulations – You have successfully achieved the full backup of your Joomla website.