This article demonstrates how to download PuTTY on various OS. PuTTY has been implemented in a number of different operating systems despite being originally developed for Microsoft Windows.

Let us know how to download PuTTY on different OS:


  1. Although OpenSSH is already preloaded on Linux, PuTTY is more frequently used for debugging, connecting to serial ports, and using raw sockets.
  2. Use the following command for Debian:
    sudo aptitude install putty
  3. Execute the following command for installing the tools:
    sudo aptitude install putty-tools


  1. Similar to Linux, the macOS already has a command-line SSH client installed.
  2. First, open a terminal window and enter the commands shown below to download PuTTY.
    brew install putty (or) port install putty


  1. To download the PuTTY on windows visit its official website and click on the download button.
  2. Then install it on your PC.

Wasn’t it simple? Hope you liked our article and will definitely take it in use when you want to install PuTTY on your Operating system.