You can easily customize the Admin interface of Plesk. You can add/remove options, create shortcuts and add to Favorites.

To add or remove items from the Home page:

Go to Home > Customize Home page.
Here you can specify what items should be shown on the Home page.

The Selected tasks list shows the tasks for which shortcuts are already placed on the Home page and the Available tasks list shows the tasks for which you do not yet have shortcuts on your Home page. To add a shortcut to the Home page, select the required tasks in the Available tasks list and click Add and similarly to remove a shortcut, select the task that you do not need in the Selected tasks list and click Remove. Click OK.

Add/Remove shortcuts:

You’re also able to add/remove shortcuts to the Control Panel screens to the Favorites group of the Home page.
To do this, navigate to the control panel screen you need. Click the Add to favorites icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Next, specify the shortcut label and the description.
To remove items from the Favorites group of the Home page, open the Favorites menu and click the Remove icon next to the shortcut you want to remove.