In some cases, we are interested in using a server or VPS for e-mailing and have some IPs in turnover may be feasible in some respects.

To set the rotary IP in cPanel, please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Enter via SFTP root, open the file /etc/ and after the last line enter the code below:

randinet sub {inet = ("xxx1" "XXX2" "xxx3," "xxx4"); return $ inet [int rand ($ # inet)];}

Where there is xxx1, it should be replaced by IPs that want to turnover.

Step 2 – Next, open the /etc/exim.conf file and look for the line starting with ‘interface’. You will find the code below:

interface = $ {if exists {/ etc / mailips {} $ {lookup {$ sender_address_domain lsearch} * {/ etc / mailips} {$ value} {} {}}}}

Replace this line with:

interface = $ {perl {}} randinet

Step 3 – After making these changes, restart exim with the following command via SSH (or via WHM):

Restart Exim Service

Done, exim will now send emails with rotating IPs.