This process illustrates the way to change your customer’s password through the Plesk control panel present in the reseller hosting account. This process takes into consideration that you have logged into your Plesk control panel. After logging in you will have to follow this process for changing the customer’s password.

Step 1

On the home screen of the Plesk control panel, scroll down and click on the customer’s domain name.

Step 2

On the domain page, Click on the “Setup” icon present under the “Hosting” section.

Step 3

Go to the ‘physical hosting setup page’ and scroll down to the “Account Preferences” and enter the details as shown in the image below:

New FTP Password:

Confirm Password :

Step 4

Once you have entered the new FTP password, scroll down to the Frontpage Support. In case that particular customer has FrontPage enabled, you can change his/her FTP password in the FrontPage support page as following:

Step 5

Finally, scroll down and hit the “OK” button to complete the process. The process will end with a message “Info: Physical hosting settings on domain have been updated.”. Your customer’s FTP and FrontPage password has been changed successfully.