First of you have to check the checkbox, you can use Add Wizard, then click on add to create IP security Rule then a new window will open as you can see below which will say Welcome to create IP security Rule Wizard. For moving further you have to click next => select option (This Rule Does Not specify a Tunnel) and click to next button again. Select all network connections from the network type and again click to next => administrator will get the IP filter list in it. You have to click add to create new IP Filter list , you have to type the name and description of the IP filter list and check out the checkbox used.

You can add wizard => click add to add the IP filter => click next => check the check box mirrored, match packets with exact opposite source and destination address. Select the source address as My IP Address and add the destination address as a specific IP address(The IP address which you want to block on any of your hosting server, Any IP address(Will block all the IP addresses) , a subnet of IP. Address or a DNS name => Click next => Select protocol Type as Any and finish the IP filter wizard .


Now as you select the IP filter which you have set and click the next for the filter action =>check the checkbox use add wizard => Click add => Click next and type the filter action name and Description => Click next => Select the ‘BLOCK’ action and click next => Click finish. Now select the filter action and click next and finish and click ok. To apply the policy right click on the policy Name and select Assign.

Now if you want to block a particular port such as 1433 which is MSSQL Port or any other port such as 21 (FTP) , 23(Telnet) , 3389(RDP) ,110 (POP3) please follow the steps described below.


Right click IP security policy which you have created from the above steps =>click properties => Select the IP security policy and click edit => Under the IP Filter list tab select IP filter => Edit => Add a new Filter =>Click next =>


Check the check box mirrored , Match packets with the exact opposite source and destination addresses Click next and type source address as My IP address as well as destination address as any IP address or a specific IP address or a specific subnet you can go to next step => select a protocol type as TCP => select from this port and type the port number which you want to block and then select to any port => click next => Click Finish . You are done with all the procedure .