WordPress hosting UKWordPress is a very efficient web software application that is used for creating beautiful websites and blogs. It has gained a lot of popularity as a successful open source blogging application that also helps in managing the activities of WordPress hosting UK.

The plugins offered by WordPress are the main reason for the popularity of this unique application, these plugins are very efficient in terms of enhancing the usability of the blogs. Most of these plugins are created with the use of various PHP scripts. WordPress hosting provides with a wide range of plugins that would surely suit your requirements. There are no extra charges for getting these plugins. You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to add/manage the plugins :

Step 1

Log in to your WordPress account through this URL – websitename.co.uk/wp-admin. Enter your login details – your user name and password.

Step 2

After logging in, you will come across a plugin option on the left sidebar. Click on it and a list of pre-installed plugins will be displayed.

Step 3

You will come across some other tabs on the same page; they will be labeled as – ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ plugins.

Step 4

If you would like to activate an inactive plugin, click on the tab labeled ‘Inactive’; just beneath the name of the plugin,you will see an option called – ‘Activate’. Click on it and the plugin will get activated and it will move to the tab where active plugins are displayed.

Step 5

In case you would like to add a new plugin, to your WordPress Hosting UK blog, you can search the plugins with the appropriate keywords in the plugins search box. Once you find the plugin you were looking for, it can be installed right away. Then click on the ‘Inactive’ plugins tab, and click on the activate plugins option; and the new plugin will be installed.

In case you would like to see the complete list of plugins offered by WordPress hosting UK, you can view them in the WordPress plugins directory. Most of the pre-installed plugins will enable customization. In order to customize the plugins, you have to click on the ‘Setting’ option that is displayed on the left hand side of the bar. Click on the plugin and then it can be customized according to your preferences.