If you want to add, remove or edit IP Address in VPS with Plesk follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:- Login to your Plesk control panel.
Step 2:- As soon as you get into the control panel, on the left-hand side of your control panel you can see the option of server. Click on the server option and then you must go to IP Addresses option and click on IP addresses tab.
Step 3:- Once you have completed the two steps mentioned above, you will be able to view the IP address on the server you wanted to see.

Follow these Steps to add new IP :-

Step 1:- Within the IP Addresses tab, you have to click on ‘add new IP address’.
Step 2:- You have the access for viewing the IP address and you can also select the network for the IP address
Step 3:- You will require the IP as well as the subnet mask to enter complete information.
Step 4:- Then you have to select a different type of service shared or dedicated and within SSL certificates, you should select the type of SSL certificate.

Procedure To Remove The IP Address From Your Virtual Private Server

Step 1:- You must login to your server first to see the IP address then click on the IP address to be removed
Step 2:- As soon as you select the IP address you just have to click on remove
Step 3:- Confirm Removal and Click on OK

Adding IPs to Client’s IP Pool :-

Step 1:- In IP Address, click on the number of IP addresses you wiush to add; you will find it inin clients column
Step 2:- Click on Add New Client icon
Step 3:- Select the client that you need the IPs to be added

How To Remove IPs From the Client’s IP Pool :-

If you are planning to remove the IP address from the client’s IP pool within IP address tab, first of all you have to select on the number of IP address from the entire list of IPs to be removed. You must select the client and most important thing is to confirm the complete removal process and click on ok to make the necessary changes.

How To Setup A Default Domain Name Setup For The IP Address :-

Step 1:- In IP Address, in hosting column, click on the IP address to be managed.
Step 2:- Select the Domain from the list.
Step 3:- Click to set as a default.

IP Address Edit :- Allocation and SSL Certificate

Step 1:- In IP address, click on the IP address that has to be managed
Step 2:- If you need to change any thing within the table you have to select the allocation of that IP address.
Step 3:- As soon as you selected you have to select the SSL for the same.