Prior to knowing the process of adding Joomla links to keywords, it is also important to know the importance of linking keywords to pages. Linking keywords is a very efficient way of getting good search engine rankings and it is also helpful in terms of holding the interest of your visitors to your website. There are also various SEO benefits linked to it. There are various reasons behind why most of the businesses prefer using the internal URLs as links. The main reason behind this is the statistics. Moreover some of the webmasters are not very comfortable disclosing their Google page rank. Also the people who are running affiliate programs also want to protect their affiliate links. They are of the opinion that internal URLs are more likely to be clicked on instead of a URL that looks like this –

The process of creating internal URLs for outbound links

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1. Go to Administrator, then click on Components and then click on Weblinks

2. Now click on “Categories” and then “New”. Create an appropriate category for the kind of link you would like to add. For instance, in this case it is mentioned as “Media”

3. Click on “Links” and then “New”. In this section, you can add the entries so that people can visit them

4. In case you are using search engine friendly URLs, the new URL will look like this – /weblinks/media/keyword/

5. In case you are not using a search engine friendly URL, the URL will look like this -/index.php?view=weblink&catid=2:media&id=keyword&option=com_weblinks&Itemid=48

Automatically adding links to keywords

The ‘Weblinks Content Plugin’ will be used for this process

1. Download the Weblinks Content Plugin from –

2. Go to the extensions and click on – Plugin manager and enable the plugin

This process is now complete and every time you make an entry in your Weblinks component, it will be linked automatically. As people click on these links, it is possible to view the number of clicks by going to the Components, then Weblilnks and you can see the ‘Hits’ column.