In this article, you will find how to add an identity in SpamExpert. An identity is distinct from an outgoing user/Authentication method in that it is a unique sending address, but an outgoing user/Authentication method is a means of authentication for all users on the sending server.

To add an identity in SpamExpert follow these steps:

  1. Log in to SpamExpert.
  2. Select the “Outgoing” category..
  3. Click on the “Manage Identities” option.
  4. You will enter the manage Identities page.
  5. Click on the “Add identity” option.
  6. You will get a form type page.
  7. Enter the “Domain” name. This is the domain to which the identity should be added.
  8. Under “User”, enter the authenticating IP or range.
  9. “Identity” is the part of the email user’s address that you want to add to the local list.
  10. Tick the check box if you would like to lock the identity.
  11. Click on the “Save” button.

This way you can add an identity in SpamExpert. For help contact our support team.