CubeCart is one of the most efficient eCommerce software applications. It enables you to establish a powerful online store and then you can start selling digital or tangible products right away. Gettng a Cubecart shopping cart software surely enhances the efficiency of the eCommerce hosting UK. Main features of CubeCart include the following:

* Search engine optimized
* Inventory stock control
* Supports Google Checkout, PayPal and other payment gateways
* Supports shipping model
* Customer order history and new customer registration

If you would like to add a digital product to your CubeCart, you will have to follow the process mentioned below:

1. First step is to create a folder on your server through an FTP client. This can be above or below the public_html folder as shown below:

e.g. Above (Recommended as it can’t be accessed directly)

or below: (Not recommended as it can be accessed directly via the internet)

2. Once the folder is created, upload your digital file to the downloads folder
e.g. /downloads/my_track.mp3

3. In the section of your stor’s general settings a root path of your store will be shown. You will need this root path to determine the root path to the file. Suppose for instance it is /home/user/public_html

If your downloads are above the public_html folder the path will be:

If it is above this will be:

4. Now you can create a product in your admin control panel and select the product type as digital. Then you will have to enter the root path to the file in the text box provided.

Once the payment is made, you can send a unique url to the customer for accessing the file. Through the general settings you can determine the length of this url and also the number of download that can be made.

This completes the process of adding a digital product to CubeCart