There are different ways to install Joomla to your hosting account. A user can install Joomla on a hosting account via 2 ways such as manual or the automatic script installation system which is Fantastico.

Here is the way of installing Joomla From Multiple :

You have to follow the below path the way its mentioned in the series.

1 :- cPanel => Fantastico => Joomla => New Installation
2 :- cPanel => Softaculous => Portal/CMS
3 :- cPanel => Content Management => Joomla 1.X

The other way a user can also install Joomla on his web hosting account which is to install it manually. If a user want’s to perform the manual Joomla installation and you do not have any idea how exactly it works, you can follow our detailed tutorial here :- Webhoting UK Joomla Tutorial
which will guide you with the entire procedure of installing Joomla in your hosting account. You can request the script to be installed on your account by Technical Support Team. They would gladly assist you with the installation of any of the script/application that are compatible with your hosting account.

There are just few steps to be done to install your Joomla.

Step 1: Go into your your Customer’s Area and request the installation,
Step 2: Get into Support Section.
Step 3: Click to the Help Desk option.
Step 3: Get script installed.
Step 4: Script installation.
Step 5: Done.