Dedicated Server - Dell Branded

Webhosting UK is one of the UK’s leading providers of fully managed dedicated servers and by offering all of our server customers access to a 24×7 support team, you can be assured that there will be someone available for you to speak to regarding your web hosting service whenever necessary.

Even the most experienced of server administrators will require assistance every once in a while and our support team contains some of the most highly trained individuals within the web hosting industry so that they are able to pool their knowledge to provide a helpful service at all points. Even though you may be paying a premium for full support, the knowledge of our support team will also be invested in areas outside of your dedicated server including power and network grids so that these can be monitored around the clock to maintain stability on all accounts.

Fully managed server hosting makes dedicated servers accessible for small businesses and individuals that aren’t familiar with the process of server management. For any user, Webhosting UK feels that the following benefits can be obtained from choosing fully managed dedicated server hosting:

  • Our support team will be able to assist you with any issues or queries that you may have surrounding your server, whether it be about optimizing applications for improved performance of the installation of a WordPress blog
  • More often than not a fully managed hosting provider delivers consistently high uptime figures when compared to unmanaged hosting providers that often aren’t even comparable
  • Recommendations are available from our 24×7 support team on what can be done to provide you with the best hosting experience when choosing a dedicated server because we believe in offering value for money to our customers.

Contacting Webhosting UK’s support team is fairly simple; we offer the following contact methods so that the support you receive is simple to obtain, yet effective in meeting your needs:

  • We have a Live Chat option available on our website that will allow you to discuss your query with a member of staff in a real time (much like Instant Messaging services like Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger)
  • Our web-based ticket support system is the most effective way of keeping track of your issues and queries and can be accessed from any computer with a web browser, granted that you are aware of your login details
  • If you would prefer to speak to someone in person then we also offer toll-free phone support around the clock so that smaller issues can be dealt with there and then as opposed to having to wait on a support ticket response.

If you ever wish to make the most of your fully managed server hosting service then contacting our support team for assistance is one way in which this can be achieved. With one of the most experienced support teams in the industry, you can be sure that this is one way in which we will aim to provide you with the uptime rate that we guarantee.

High Performance Servers

We believe that our customers should have access to servers that are of a high specification and can offer high levels of performance, regardless of what their budget may be. Along with our range of dual core and quad core servers, there are also dual CPU configurations available that will take advantage of two physical processors to offer you unparalleled performance; the other hardware components of your dedicated server can be modified during the order process so that you can create a dedicated server that is tailored just for you. The resources that form your dedicated server play an integral part in providing you with a high level of uptime because you need to be sure that the resources you have available are sufficient to support your website and the traffic that it receives.

It is important for you to identify the resources that your website requires to run at a stable level so that downtime isn’t an issue and you are provided with a server that meets the uptime guarantee on a monthly basis. Even our most affordable Intel Core 2 Duo dedicated server will be more than capable of supporting a website that receives a few thousands visitors each month; the resources of your server can be changed (apart from your CPU) so that additional power can be harnessed if the load on your dedicated server increases, although physically changing the resources of a server can cause downtime.

If you are unsure as to which of Webhosting UK’s dedicated server plans is most appropriate for your needs then you should contact our sales team who can provide you with assistance in identifying what you specifically require from a server.