Keeping a website up to date requires the use of backups. Make a backup of your files every week or month, or before making any big changes, to ensure that you have a copy on hand in the event of data loss.

If you do a home directory backup, the files in your home directory will be backed up. Even though it’s beneficial for backing up your site’s files, it excludes critical data like DNS, MySQL, and other system-related information.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of backing up your cPanel home directory. So, here’s how to make a backup of your home directory

1. You need to log into your “cPanel account”

2. In the “Files” area, click the “Backup” icon.

3. Click the “Home Directory” tab right below the “Download a Home Directory Backup” sub-titles in the “Partial Backups” section.

4. There will be no notification, but it will be immediately saved to your computer’s download folder.

NOTE: The backup file will be a “.tar.gz” file that may be examined with the Linux command line. The file can easily be unzipped from a Windows-based machine with the right applications.

As a result, you can effortlessly back up your Home Directory in cPanel. If you require assistance, please contact Webhosting UK support staff; for instant assistance, send an email or engage in live chat with our specialists.