How and When to Use Email Routing in Plesk

May 11, 2022 / Plesk

In this article, you will find when and how to use Plesk for Email Routing.

When to use Email Routing:

If you maintain an email hosting service, you must try to make sure that the email service remains operational. If the primary server is down, email routing in Plesk allows you to continue receiving mail on a backup server.


Now, let us see how to use Plesk for Email Routing.

  1. Login to your Plesk account.
    Plesk login
  2. Select your domain in the Websites & Domains section and click the Mail Settings option.
    Websites & Domains
  3. Your Mail Settings page will appear, allowing you to modify your domain’s mail service settings.
    Mail Settings
  4. Note that “Activate mail service on this domain” will be enabled if you are using a local mail server. “Activate mail service on this domain” will be disabled if you are using an external mail server.
    Activate mail service on this domain
  5. Uncheck the Activate mail service on this domain option, then click OK at the end.
    Activate mail service
  6. The changes to your Plesk account’s email routing will take some time to take place.
  7. You will receive the success message once the settings are changed.

You will be able to utilize Plesk for Email Routing in this manner. Hopefully, everything about the Email Routing process is now transparent.

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