WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management systems that is designed with the PHP scripting language. It has a user friendly interface and it is an ideal platform for the beginners as well. WordPress provides with a wide range of plugins that can be installed on any WordPress blog in order to increase the efficiency. However, if your WordPress installation does not generate an .htaccess file, or if the new rules are not written on the existing .htaccess file; then there might be some reasons for this.

Consider the steps mentioned below to deal with the issue. Go to the next step only if the earlier one does not solve the issue.

Change The File Permissions

You will have to edit the template in order to change the permissions. Change the permissions to 660 in order to make it server writable.

Server Blockage

It may be the case that your web hosting company might have blocked access to SERVER_SOFTWARE. This will create issues with WordPress .htaccess generation. If you know that your server is running Apache, you can make WordPress to believe this by changing your wp-includes/vars.php file.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to implement these changes:

Open the wp-includes/vars.php file through the built in editor through your WordPress admin panel. In order to navigate to this panel, login to WordPress and click on ‘Manage’ and then go to ‘Files’. Scroll down and then type wp-includes/vars.php into the text box present under the ‘Other Files’ Title. Then look for:

$is_apache = strstr($_SERVER[‘SERVER_SOFTWARE’], ‘Apache’)? 1: 0;
and replace it with

// $is_apache = strstr($_SERVER[‘SERVER_SOFTWARE’], ‘Apache’)? 1 : 0;
Add a new line under

// $is_apache = strstr($_SERVER[‘SERVER_SOFTWARE’], ‘Apache’)? 1: 0;
and type in $is_apache = 1;

This will solve the .htaccess generation issue in WordPress.