In the history of Internet, web server and hosting location is also provided so it is equally possible to co-relate these changes with the uptime of the site as well as the server uptime has the maximum importance in the Internet world. Getting a Dedicated Server mirrored can help you stay online at any given point of time. Dedicated Server Mirroring is a concept that has been preferred by large businesses to carry out the mission critical tasks.

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The name “Server Mirroring” itself suggests you a brief idea and gives a basic information of the technology. In this the data is mirrored or duplicated on two different web servers that share the same configurations. Within this type of server mirroring web hosting service you can opt. between, Mirrored Dedicated Linux Servers and Mirrored Dedicated Windows Servers. It’s a type of technique in which the file or data synchronization between the online server are widely preferred due to its reliability. In the Mirroring architecture, two systems are linked together.

When the data transfer process takes place, the data is transferred to either of the web servers however at the same time the data is duplicated on the other server as well. Encryption is possible too on the mirrored servers. This technology can be applied to WAN as well as LAN architecture of servers.

This type of hosting architecture is being used by the hosting provider. The server of similar hardware configurations has to be setup at different geographic location ie. different racks, different geographical locations, different data centers etc. Usually, its advised that the servers within the same data center to avoid a delay in mirroring of the online web data.

Among the servers, one is the Master server and other is the Slave or Secondary Server. If due to any reason, the Master Server fails to respond/work, the Secondary Server takes over and starts operating as a Master Server, this avoids the possibilities of the downtime of websites. FAM and RSync modules are used in the Mirroring architecture. When the Secondary server works as Master server, the process is called as a Failover Process.

As soon as the Master Server is replaced, repaired or in case re-installed to the internet network, restoration of the procedure gets initiated. In this the latest changes on the secondary server that has taken place when the Master Server had failed, is now restored. Now, when the Master servers functionality has been resolved, the website data again starts getting resolved from the Master Server.

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