Q. Do you support FrontPage Extensions with Linux and Windows hosting ?

Ans: FrontPage Extensions is supported with all our Windows hosting plans but recently we have discontinued FrontPage publishing on all of our cPanel hosting servers because Microsoft themselves have ceased to support FrontPage extensions on all Unix servers and we have recently observed severe intrusion attempts using FrontPage vulnerabilities. FrontPage extensions is a very potent threat to the security and integrity of a server functioning on the Unix platform. Such intrusion attempts can affect every shared cPanel web hosting user so we can not trust FrontPage to be secure and safe to be run on Unix Shared Server Environment.

We are aware of the fact that many clients rely on FrontPage publishing support so we have kept few cPanel shared hosting servers reserved for FrontPage Extensions and our System Admins have integrated multiple security measures and patches to try and keep the server safe. But we would not be assuming any responsibility of the security and integrity of the data and files stored on these servers.