It’s just recently when one of our clients faced an issue while installing Avast anti-virus over a Linux platform. The error that was thrown said ‘error: Failed dependencies: libavastengine >= 4.7.0 is needed by avast4server-3.2.1-1.i586’

While troubleshooting the issue, we realized that, because the system could not find the avast engine, that the error was thrown.

Here’s how the error looks ?

[email protected] [~]# rpm -ivh avast4server-3.2.1-1.i586.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
libavastengine >= 4.7.0 is needed by avast4server-3.2.1-1.i586


You must install avast kernel library libavastengine for this package

Once done, simply install the appropriate rpm package and retry installing Avast. Under most ideal circumstances, it should be installed without any issue.

If you do face any issue with it, please feel free to seek assistance from our support department by initiating a chat from our website, we would be glad to assist.