DotNetNuke is one of the most efficient content management platforms that enables the users to build websites on the ASP.NET technology. The resources and features provided by DotNetNuke are also the main reason for the popularity of ASP.NET Hosting UK. Here is an insight on the security and administration tools provided by DotNetNuke.


It is possible for the administrators to assign different roles for different user groups like subscribers, users, content providers, affiliates and media. They also have the access to grant the editing rights for each group. It is possible to assign rights to the entire website or a single page or even to an individual module on a specific page. The individual users can belong to more than one user group. The administrators can also setup separate password-protected areas on their website in order to control access.

Single Installation

DotNetNuke provides support for multiple portals or websites hosted with ASP.NET Hosting UK through only a single single database. If DotNetNuke is installed on a web server, it can support multiple websites through only a single hosting account, therefore it is ideal for providing the best of sub-hosting services to memberships or for organizations having departmental websites.

Host And Admin Accounts

Efficient administration is possible by separating host from administrator accounts. The Host can manage the settings related to website hosting and eCommerce that includes monthly hosting charges, disk space, bandwidth and demo period/expiration dates. The host can also access a list of all the hosted websites along with their individual hosting information and the host also has the power to modify, edit or delete any specific website. Through logging in with the administrator account the users can manage their own websites by editing, modifying, or deleting their website settings. This does not give access to the other websites hosted with the same web hosting company.

Website Log

The administrators can easily track the users and visitors by generating detailed reports including popularity, page views by day, page views by hour, page views by month, user frequency, user registration by country and user registration by date.

Vendor And Affiliate Management

The administrators can save the critical vendor and affiliate information like store contact information, advertising materials (banners, button ads) and other statistical information. They also have the power to manage, start and end dates for tasks like ad campaigns, track impressions and and they can also calculate cost per impression (CPM).

Email Newsletters

Administrators can send bulk email messages to specific users or groups. It is also possible for them to publish newsletters that can be sent as HTML documents to targeted user groups.

The security and administration tools provided by DotNetNuke make it the most efficient content management systems. The architecture of DotNetNuke provides a separation between design and content, this enables the web designers to develop skins without any specialized knowledge. Moreover an efficient user-friendly interface is the best part of DotNetNuke.