DotNetNuke is feature rich open source content management system. DotNetNuke hosting is equipped with tons of built-in features and services such as ASP.NET, PHP, .NET AJAX and CGI scripting facilities. A perfect combination for any of small or big firm, portal with the built in CMS and one of the best platform for publishing static and dynamic content. DotNetNuke Hosting Servie is being used world wide ideally for creating, deploy or managing intranet and extra net websites.

DotNetNuke is an essential tool for ASP.NET developers which is fully loaded with a set of powerful built-in tools. DotNetNuke is also a leading content management platform which was established by the Microsoft .NET, successfully served more than 650,000 web sites worldwide . It includes rich multiple features like content management & well design features that make the user easy to customize & integrate there DotNetNuke web site into your existing environment.

DotNetNuke Content Management & Design Features of this Platform include:

DotNetNuke which is also known as DNN is based on .NET framework where it can be used for creating dynamic website. You won’t even need a developer or knowledge of any other programming knowledge because of its easy to use features.

Multiple Features of the DotNetNuke Community Edition include:

* Single Click Installation, Multiple Portals Management – A client having DotNetNuke hosting, also supports multiple entryway where a web sites which is using a single database. Installed DotNetNuke on a website hosting server can easily support multiple web sites with just a single web hosting account. The basic ideal behind it is to providing a sub-hosting services to a memberships or for organizations providing departmental web sites.

* Host & Administrator Accounts – The host’s administrator accounts will allows an efficient administration of the websites and there web portal. After Logging as a host allows users to manage settings related to your website hosting & e-commerce, including monthly hosting fees, disk space, & demo period/expiration dates. The Host can access a list of all hosted sites & their individual hosting information, & can edit, modify, or delete a specific site. Logging as administrator or the user which can easily manage their own website by editing, modifying, or deleting their site settings but does not provide access to other sites operating under the same host.
* Security Roles & Protected Content – Administrators can manage as well as he can easily defined with in the account & assign roles or add rules for different user groups such as registered users, subscribers, content providers, affiliates, & media. Administrator can grant access & editing rights with in each group he has created. Rights can be assigned to an entire site, a single page, or to an individual module on a specific page. Individual users may belong to more than one group. Administrators can also establish separate password-protected areas on their web site to control access.
* Site Log – Administrators can also track those different hosting users & the visitors by generating complete reports with details such as page popularity, page views by day, page views by days of week, page views by hour, page views by month, user frequency, user registration by country, & user registration by date.
* Manage Vendors & Affiliates – Administrators can store contact information, advertising materials (banners, button ads), & statistical data on site vendors & affiliates program. This is where the importance of vendor management software comes in. So what does vendor management software do? It actually serves as a robust database of all the vendors that the company has worked with in the past, as well as those that they intend to work with in the future. They can also manage start & end dates for ad campaigns, track impressions, & calculate cost per impression (CPM) and then can pay as per the calculation.
* Bulk Email & Newsletters – Administrators can easily compose & send the bulk email messages to a specific users or a groups he has created with in the hosting account. They can also create and publish the complete newsletters as per his choice and can easily get it created & sent as HTML documents to the targeted user groups.

Some More Web Hosting DotNetNuke Features Our Client get

* Instant DotNetNuke Account Setup
* Free DotNetNuke Installation
* Easy DotNetNuke Account Upgrade
* DotNetNuke Optimized Servers
* Stable, Secure and Reliable DotNetNuke hosting service
* 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
* Expert technical assistance
* ASP, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0 & .NET 3.5
* Custom Web Directories & Applications
* FrontPage Extensions
* Pre Installed ASP Components and CGI BIN