Do Web Hosting UK allow to edit php.ini ?

December 30, 2010 / Sales FAQ

Do Web Hosting UK allow to edit php.ini ?

Ans :- If you have a shared hosting package or reseller hosting package with us, we don’t allow to access the php.ini on server. But as per client requirement they can use the .htaccess file from his hosting package to enable or disable various php.ini functions. Clients can enable or disable safe mode function from the file, register globals, sessions and many other functions from .htaccess.

We have a couple of shared web hosting servers running in whcih we have reserved PHPSuExec for clients. As per the developers requirement who normally need to access to edit php.ini file. Clients who has there hosting accounts setup on any of these servers in which can create a file named “php.ini” and put whatever configuration settings you need to change in it,but there are some restriction’s too. Majority of Web Hosting UK server who are reserved with the PHPSuExec Client can make some changes such as enable or disable Safe mode or can do changes within the register but you can do any changes within the disable_functions .In that case you can also move to other server in whcih all php functions are disable and you can do necessary changes with in .htaccess file in you hosting plan .

For some other reason you still need access to the php.ini file then you can consider our high end hosting packages which could be Virtual Private Server Hosting plans or Semi Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Server Hosting .In higher end web hosting environment you will getting full root access on your VPS / Semi Dedicated Server along with a dedicated hosting to work with.

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