What can a virtual dedicated hosting do for you?

If your goal is to be successful then you need to plan for that success. Most people who are there in the online business already know this answer because their website have outgrown shared hosting and their current web host has told them that they need to upgrade to a stronger solution that can handle heavier traffic and heavier resource usage which is memory and CPU. If you have a site that is fairly popular, a typical entry level virtual server with at least 512MB RAM,10 Gb of hard disk and 300GBof bandwidth should work perfect. With a virtual private server hosting , you’ll have plenty of server resources available which would be allocated to your site. This way, as your site earns more money and gains more traffic, you can expand your hosting accordingly. You can avoid this by monitoring your website statistics. If you see your site growing month over month (or in some cases, exploding overnight), take the proactive approach and spend a little more to get great quality hosting through a solid VPS hosting company. Trust us and you can thank us later.

VPS do have three major things for the client .

Full Customization – With virtual dedicated hosting users get full root access and SSH access to the server. This allows server customization that enables you to install your own software, applications, tweak performance, and manage your server as you would on a dedicated server. This option is not required, however, because you can purchase managed virtual server hosting has different control panels and operating systems of their choice.

Isolation – Each VPS has its unique file system and gets a guaranteed percentage of a server’s disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and system memory (RAM). Therefore, a website hosted on a VPS runs on an isolated environment where its performance will not be affected by other websites. Also, a Virtual Private Server will not allow the sharing of web applications and services with other websites thus it eliminates the risk of downtime or hacks due to other customer mistakes that you have no control over.

Affordability – Virtual Private Servers Hosting are far cheaper than a dedicated server web hosting. While cheaper, client still get the features like dedicated servers but you won’t pay the price of one. virtual server hosting was marketed and developed for the person who needs more power than what shared hosting offers but cannot afford an expensive dedicated server.