How to disable your cPanel login details for the ftp access?

Normally user access the web hosting account with the FTP accounts. Some times with the default FTP account the account normally get misused by other personality. It has observed that if a hosting account has a default cPanel login which is enabled for the ftp access, the possibility of hacking the account is much easier. The hackers are very smart these days and can hack the ftp account very easily and will upload the script very easily on a particular web hosting account.

So far the security reason is to disable the ftp access for the cPanel users that means the “domainname.com” is the domain and “domainname” is the cPanel user name then you can not access the ftp account by using the user “domain”.

First of all we have to open the file to re-edit the stuff.

 [email protected] [] vi /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate

Then you have to go to the file and move to the line number 189 or 211 and make those line as a comment. If you are using some of the old cPanel version, then you are gonna get the following necessary code at line number 189 and if you cPanel version is from the upgraded version then you can get on line number 211.

You can see some of the necessary content below:

 # print FTPASS join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;
 $vhosts->{$system_user} = join( ‘:’, $system_user, $entry->[1], $entry->[2], $entry->[3], $entry->[6], $entry->[7], $entry->[8] ) . “\n”;

After all the necessary changes are done make sure you run few following command:

 [email protected] [] /usr/local/cpanel/bin/ftpupdate

The biggest benefits of doing the above necessary stuff is you will be highly secured from the hacking process and regard of same the website is safe enough.