FAQs on UK Dedicated servers offered by Webhosting.uk.com

1. Where are your servers located ?
Ans: All our servers are located in world-class Blue Square Data Centre based in Maidenhead which is 20 Miles West of London, UK.

2. What Brand of servers/Chassis do you use for the Servers ?
Ans: We use only branded Chassis from Dell and we use latest state of the art Intel CPU’s for our servers.

3. Which ISPs do you use for network connectivity of your Datacenter / Servers ?
Ans: Our network transit connections are currently to Level 3, Tiscali, and Deutsche Telekom. We also peer with approximately 150 ISPs at the peering points LINX, XChangePoint, and LoNAP.

4. What is the Datacenter Connectivity and uplink for each dedicated server ?
Ans: We have a total of 40,000mbits of network connectivity for all our Servers. We have 4 x 10 Gbps links for our datacenter. Each Server in our datacenter is setup on 100 Mbps, fully-switched port on an edge switch. Each edge switch is then in turn plugged into two separate aggregation switches at 1gbit, with failover redundancy allowing either 1gbit link to fail.

5. What are the RAM specifications ?
Ans: Our Servers are equipped with DDR2 ECC SDRAM.

6. What types of Hard drives (HDD) do you use and what is the speed of your drives ?
Ans: We use SATA drives on our servers as advertised on our website, all of our SATA hard drives have a speed of 7500 rpm. We also provide SAS drives on some of our high configuration servers. SAS drives have a speed of 10,000 rpm. You can contact our Sales Department through our helpdesk to get more information on the available configurations.

7. How many websites can I host on a dedicated server ?
Ans: There is no such limit you can host unlimited number of websites on your dedicated server however it is sensible not to overload a server with more websites than it can cope with. This is dependent on the specification of your server and the type of websites that you want to host on it. WebHosting UK entry level server will comfortably host around 500 average websites.

8. What Operating systems do you Support ?
Ans: We Support Debian 4.1, CentOS 5.2, Fedora Core 8, Fedora Core 9 and RHEL 5.x Linux Flavors on our Dedicated Linux Servers while for Windows Servers we offer Windows 2003 Standard, Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2008 Datacenter and Windows 2008 Web edition only.

9. What is your uptime Guarantee for Dedicated Servers ?
Ans: We offer 100% network and power uptime guarantee on all our dedicated servers.

10. What control panels do you support on your dedicated servers ?
Ans: We offer cPanel/WHM & Plesk Control panel options on our dedicated Linux servers for additional pricing whilst on Windows we offer Plesk control panel options. You can install any other control panel as per your requirements but we won’t support those control panels. As a part of our managed service we will provide support for OS related problems only if the control panel is not purchased through Webhosting.UK.com .

11. Do you include a backup service with the dedicated web hosting server plans ?
Ans: We offer 20 GB remote backup space free of cost with all our dedicated servers. Once you sign up for the dedicated server, you will need to contact our support dept. on setup of your server to allow our system admins to login and setup the backup scripts.

12. Do you provide RAID 0 or RAID 1 with your servers ?
Ans: We do offer RAID 0 or RAID 1 hardware configuration with our servers. Both these RAID configurations need 2 Identical hard drives. RAID 0 doesn’t help in case of Hard Disk Drive failure, RAID 1 mirrors data on 2 identical drives which allows you to swap drives incase of failure of one server hard drive. In the event of a Hard Disk Drive failure on RAID 0, data will be lost. More information on RAID can be obtained from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID

13. Do you offer Load Balanced Servers ?
Ans: Yes. We do offer Load Balanced servers on Linux as well as on Windows platforms. We can setup a load balanced cluster using Cisco Load Balancing routers or by using windows load balancing feature which is inbuilt within the windows OS.

14. Do you offer MS Exchange Server ?
Ans: Yes. We do offer fully managed MS Exchange Server. We provide both MS Exchange 2003 and MS Exchange 2007 servers.

15. Do you offer Mirrored Servers ?
Ans: Yes. We do offer fully managed mirrored servers. We setup mirroring architecture on both the servers at no additional cost which effectively means you will only need to pay the applicable fees for the two servers. For Mirrored Servers you will have to consider two Dedicated Servers of similar configuration.

16. Do you offer unmetered dedicated servers ?
Ans: Yes. We provide unmetered bandwidth connection options with our Linux/Windows dedicated servers. dedicated servers. We offer 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth connection with the dedicated server.

17. Where are your Support staff based ?
Ans: Our support staff are based in three locations. Some staff members are based in the Datacenter and the rest of the staff members are based in our offices in London and Durham.

18. Is there any money back guarantee on Dedicated Servers ?
Ans: We offer 30 day money back guarantee only in case of hardware failure or if the hardware is not as per the advertised specifications. We don’t offer any refunds for software related problems as you should communicate with our support team or the accounts person in charge of your account to get those sorted.