Q. Could I get more information about the security measures you undergo in order to make sure data stored on your servers are not accessible to inadequate people.

Ans: When it comes to security within the data center premises, Web Hosting UK never allow anyone to enter Data Center area without a passport and letter of permission from main contact person dealing from customer side. Technical staff from customer side is allowed to connect to the dedicated servers through KVM session only and no direct physical contact with the dedicated server is permitted under normal circumstances.

With regards to security of individual VPS or Semi Dedicated servers, the hardware node is our responsibility, however securing individual VPS or Semi-Dedicated server is the customer’s responsibility. Once we have sent the login details, we do not have direct control over the kind of usage which happens. However, our technical support would try and help you as much as possible with your security and will give you suggestions accordingly. Having said that, certain security settings are already in place (depending on the control panel) but usually our technical support team can make additional tweaks to make sure your VPS or Semi Dedicated server is properly secured.