Q. Do you provide Custom Branded Dedicated Servers?

Ans: Yes. Webhosting UK provides Custom Branded Dedicated Servers. These servers are servers with custom IP whois information in the IP whois look up. Custom branded dedicated servers is mainly a concept designed for medium and large web hosting providers.

For example: A reseller hosting provider uses private nameservers to hide his actual hosting provider’s details from his clients and to portray that he himself is the web hosting provider. Similarly medium and large webhosting providers prefer dedicated servers with custom whois information to not let their customers know, or easily find out, where their services are located. Such Dedicated Servers with “custom” whois information in the IP whois are called custom branded dedicated servers.

With custom branded dedicated servers your customers won’t know that you get the hosting service from us. We remain completely in the background and management of the server hardware and software will be taken care of by us.

We can not offer Custom branded dedicated servers with the standard number of IP address we provide on a server. It’s not possible to rename IP whois information of few IP’s. This service is not available with Semi-Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers or Shared hosting. Customer who wants to opt for custom branded dedicated server will need to buy complete IP subnet.

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