Joomla hosting provides the most perfect platform for creating a blogging website. In order to know how Joomla hosting platform can help you in terms of creating a blogging website, first it is essential to understand what are the basic parts of a blog. The most essential features that are required for creating a successful blog are mentioned below:

Browser Based Editing

You have to refer to the appropriate content for getting the information. It is essential to get fast and easy access to the necessary content on the internet.

User Friendly Layout

The layout of the content management system must be flexible and user-friendly so that easy navigation is possible. Thereby the creativity can be enhanced and you can make your blog look different from the others.

Automated Publishing

There must be easy options to create the blog. There is no point in spending a lot of time on complicated file transfer. The posts must be displayed with a few clicks. It is also crucial to have text formatting and spell check options.


If the posts are split into relevant categories, it will become easier to find them.


The titles to your posts must be search engine optimized. The URL to your post should not look like – It is essential to have a URL that includes the appropriate keywords about the post. This will also help the search engines to recognize your post in a shot span of time.

Comment Systems

This is a very critical and important feature. Having a comment system is the best way to get a visitor back to your website/blog. It is also a good way to interact with the visitors.

Email Notification

Email notification about the published posts make your work easier. In this way it becomes easier to select the title of the blogs. Moreover you also have the complete record of the posts created.

Search Tool

Your blogs will be archived therefore it is crucial to have a search tool so that it will become easier for your visitors to find the relevant posts. A search tab enables the visitors to directly go to the relevant information they are looking for.

Now that you are aware of the requirements of the blogging website, let us have a look on how Joomla meets these requirements. Joomla offers with a wide range of blog components that run as self contained blog tools. Here is an insight on the most efficient blog components offered by Joomla:


Blogg-X is a cross platform suitable for OS X, Windows XP and Linux operating system. Blogg-X is a content management tool for Joomla that runs perfectly on your system as a desktop application. It is more of a software than a blogging application that can be easily installed on your local system. It enables you to create, edit and post content to your website. You can also create content offline with Blogg-X and upload it later. A similar tool is JExplorer that has the same functionality but it is more powerful.


Joomblog is the Joomla version of the blog that comprises of blog, blog comment, blogroll, blogsite, blog-archive, blog section/category, blogmail (email/MMS), blog header and personal guestbook. Joomblog has a very simple interface for effective blogging. Basically it is an integration of two main functions – The first is that it enables the registered users to have a blog page all to themselves; the core Joomla functions of managing content are used for this purpose. The second is a comment function through which the comments can be enabled for specific sections. It also consists of a module that links to all the submitted content. Thereby Joomblog enables you to have mutilate bloggers on a single website.


WordPress is one of the most efficient blogging platforms and it will surely provide with great results when it is integrated with Joomla. JD-WordPress is a complete blog offering. This is basically WordPress inside Joomla. It performs all the functions that you might expect of a blog. However the admin interface for the WordPress part of the website is different to the rest of the Joomla site.

The components offered by Joomla are a complete package to create a great blogging website. With Joomla hosting, you will be able to download, install and use these applications easily.