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WordPress is a very efficient content management platform that enables you to create an impressive website and along with that it is also a very powerful blogging application. If you are using WordPress for the first time, this post will provide you with the complete information in terms of blogging with WordPress. Most of the people and webmasters prefer WordPress hosting because of the features provided by WordPress. There is a step wise process that you have to follow in order to start blogging with WordPress. Blogging is a very simple and effective way of reaching out to people and it is also very profitable. However it is crucial to follow the exact process of blogging for getting the best results. Here is an insight on the complete process of blogging with WordPress.

How to setup a WordPress blog instantly

A WordPress blog can be instantly setup when you sign up with a WordPress host. The WordPress host will provide you with efficient tools for setting up the WordPress blog so that you can start using it right away. With a WordPress blog hosting plan you will only have to pay the hosting plan charges and WordPress can be downloaded and used for free. WordPress can be integrated in a Linux/Windows based platform. The process of setting up a WordPress blog is mentioned below:

  • Once you sign up for the WordPress hosting plan, you will receive an email consisting of your username and password. Login into your WordPress hosting account with this username and password.
  • Login into your cPanel account and scroll down to the ‘Software & Services’ box and click on the button that says, ‘WordPress’ then click on ‘Instal’.
  • Read the terms and conditions given and click on ‘Complete’
  • Once the WordPress installation process is completed, you will receive an email with the login information. Now you can start blogging right away!

How to customize your WordPress Blog

WordPress Hosting UK, WordPress web hosting, WordPress hostWordPress is a flexible application that enables customization. WordPress blog can be manually customized with the use of the editing codes; however there are other options available for the beginners who are not aware of these codes. You will come across a wide range of WordPress themes on the internet, you can easily install any theme on the blog. Even the WordPress plugins can be easily integrated in the blog.

Installing WordPress Themes

1. Search for WordPress themes on the internet and download the ones that you would like to install
2. Login to your new WordPress blog with the use of the instructions you received through email
3. Once you log in to your account, you will see a tab on the left hand side that says ‘Appearance’ and under that tab you will come across another button that says ‘Add New Theme’, click on that button
4. At the top there will be a button that says ‘upload’ click on that. You will now be able to browse your system for the free WordPress themes. Select the theme that you would like to install and click on ‘Install Now’
5. Once the theme is installed successfully, click on the button that says ‘Activate’

Congratulations! You have successfully customized your WordPress blog with a new theme and a new look.

How to create new posts and pages within WordPress

Now that you have setup and customized the new WordPress blog, you can get started with blogging. Information on adding new page and post is given below.

Creating a new post:

1. Login into your WordPress blog
2. You will come across a tab on the left hand side that says ‘Posts’ and under that tab there will be a button that says – “Add New”. Click on that button
3. Enter the title of the post in the box given on the top
4. Enter the main content in the large box given below that. You can also make the use of the editing tools to edit the color, alignment, text and add box font. You can also add hyperlinks in the text
5. Once you are done with entering the information, add the post to a category or related ‘Tags’.
6. Now click on ‘Publish’ to make the post go live on your website
7. If you want to edit the post, you can do so by going back and clicking on the “edit” button inside the “Posts” tab on the left sidebar

Creating a new page:

For creating a new page, login into your WordPress account and select Administration > Pages > Add New and then you can begin writing a new page.

How to make money with WordPress blogging


There are many ways in which you can earn money with the help of blogging. Some of the most efficient ones are outlined below:

Promoting Affiliate Products

You can sign up for an affiliate program. With your new blog you can promote the affiliate products and earn commission when the visitors to your blog purchase the products through the website mentioned. All you have to do is place the add at the appropriate place in the blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient and rewarding ways of earning money online.

Sell A Product

If you are selling some product/service you can present the information about the same through your blog. This will educated the readers and they would want to know more about it. Thereby you can earn a large amount of revenue through promoting your products through your blog.

Unlimited Options

There are various techniques of earning money through your blog, the richest blog owners have used their creativity for creating something unique. The most crucial thing to be considered while blogging is providing quality content to the users and it is also important to make it look impressive and professional in order to get a better attention span of the readers. If you offer great content you will also get dedicated readers, more traffic and thereby better income.

To sum it up, blogging is a very powerful platform to present your ideas or information and WordPress is a very efficient platform for doing so. If you provide with good quality and appropriate content, you will definitely have dedicated readers to it. It is also crucial to find a good WordPress host who provides with a 24/7 technical support. All the necessary information required to start blogging is mentioned above, you can follow the steps and get started with blogging right away.