Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server FAQ

July 25, 2011 / VPS Hosting

As the web hosting industry is taking big leaps in terms of providing the most efficient hosting platforms to the individuals and businesses, the importance of hosting on cloud server and dedicated server has grown tremendously. In the current scenario it has become extremely important to look beyond the traditional methods of hosting in order to achieve greater profitability. As a result of the resources provided by the cloud hosting platform, it has become the new trend in the hosting industry.

On the other hand the dedicated servers have been providing with efficient resources and profitable hosting solutions for quite sometime. Therefore the decision of investing in any of these hosting platforms becomes slightly difficult as various factors have to be considered. The information provided here will give you the right insight about the most suitable hosting platform for your business.

What can the customers expect with cloud server hosting?

The cloud server hosting platform comprises of various servers in a cluster. This cluster ensures that there is always one server available to share the load or to replace a crashed server. If your website is hosted on a cloud server, the hosting is spread across the entire cloud and one task is automatically assigned to each server. This goes on to say that there will never be high dependence on any individual server in the cloud hosting environment the server uptime will be ensured. Cloud server hosting provides the clients with full root SSH/RDP access on the operating system that they choose. In order to provide this, the cloud server is backed by a powerful and superior network. The cloud hosting platform is based on two technologies of cloud servers – VMWare cloud and Hyper-V cloud. VMWare is known for it’s remarkable Cloud Technologies. With 150,000 deployments, VMWare is the most robust and redundant virtualization platform. Similarly Hyper-V cloud is another powerful cloud hosting platform that makes it possible to deploy effective cloud hosting solutions based technologies that the customers can trust. The Hyper-V cloud also offers high flexibility and better control to the customers; thus increasing the businesses efficiency. Both these cloud hosting platforms offer scalability, flexibility and redundancy.

What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

While cloud hosting is gaining momentum, dedicated server hosting has been there for quite sometime. Dedicated servers offer power and flexibility of hosting at an affordable price as the hardware and software resources are rented. Dedicated servers offer complete control to the organization in terms of choice of operating system and hardware resources. As the systems resources like memory, processing power and disk space are not shared, the performance of the business can be enhanced. The risk of server being slowed down is also reduced to a great extent as the resources are dedicated to one particular user. Therefore you can be rest assured that there will be no downtime to the website even in the times of high traffic. With dedicated server hosting. Your website and its associated software will be hosted exclusively on this dedicated server’s hard drives. The complete storage capacity of the dedicated servers can be used and you don’t have to think about overloading the resources as they are not shared with any other websites.

What are the main points of difference between cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting?

  • Cloud server hosting will provide you with two distinct features – Fault Tolerance [FT] and High Availability [HA]. Dedicated server is great in terms of providing with complete hosting privacy.
  • In terms of dedicated server, you may get a choice between the server hardware resources; this is not the case with cloud servers. The cloud server hosting plan also comprises of some of the features of dedicated servers.
  • There is no significant difference in terms of the features offered by cloud server and dedicated server, cloud server hosting is more affordable as the cost of the entire architecture is shared between number of accounts. Additionally you also have the privilege of selecting the resources according to your preferences.
  • The dedicated servers comprise of a higher storage space that is enough for hundreds of websites. However it involves a huge investment only if you are able to match investments with returns, you should opt for it. Dedicated servers are usually preferred by large businesses having huge requirements.

What is the pricing structure of cloud server and dedicated server? How does it differ?

The cloud server and dedicated server are priced according to the resources offered. The cloud server is priced at £ 30 and a basic dedicated server is priced at £ 55. The dedicated server provides a magnitude of resources to one user who leases the server making it a complete value for money. In case of the cloud servers, the basic plan costs £ 30 however when the user customizes the configurations offered, the cost of the cloud server hosting increases. As a result of this fact most of the people hesitate in terms of investing in cloud servers. However considering the efficiency of the cloud technologies (VMWare and Hyper-V) and the benefits of the hosting configurations provided by the web host; a customized cloud server would definitely justify its price. A dedicated server is just one server however by hosting on a cloud server, you get the benefit of the entire cloud infrastructure. A cloud server can enhance the efficiency of any business and business expansion will become easy; therefore this becomes more of on investment rather than cost.

Why should you consider migrating to cloud server hosting?

The cloud server hosting platform works on a shared hosting concept. Cloud server hosting comprises of multiple dedicated servers connected to a centralized network. The resources of all these servers are combined together to cater to the hosting requirements of your website and applications. Each cloud server hosting account is completely isolated. The designing of the cloud server hosting platform gives it a higher edge over the other forms of hosting. Basically, with the power and magnitude of resources provided by cloud servers is unmatched and it works for supporting any website with maintaining the uptime and ensuring the speed of online transactions.

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