1. What are the operating systems that can be used for the cloud servers?

In terms of Linux cloud server hosting, you can select among Debian, FedoraCore, Ubuntu and CentOS and in terms of Windows cloud server hosting, Web Hosting UK offers the Windows 2008 Standard R2 operating system.

2. What is the bandwidth limit contained in each cloud server?

Web Hosting UK offers a monthly bandwidth of 800 GB with each cloud server that ranges up to 0.8 GHz CPU, and 100 GB bandwidth is offered between 1.8 GHz CPU and 2.4 GHz CPU. If you need additional bandwidth, that can be purchased on demand; however it is not possible to purchase customized bandwidth.

3. What is the number of websites that can be hosted can be hosted with a cloud server hosting plan?

It is possible to host unlimited websites with a cloud server hosting plan, there are no limitations on the number of websites that can be hosted. However, it is important to ensure that your cloud server is equipped with appropriate bandwidth, memory, processor and disk space in order to cater to the demands of your website. In case you are not able to decide on the resources required, Web Hosting UK will provide you with helpful assistance, you can use the phone support or initiate an online chat for getting more information and guidance.

4. As in the case with dedicated servers, is root access provided in cloud servers as well?

Yes, you will get the root access to your cloud server. However, the fully managed cloud server hosting solutions provided by us will take care of all the server management tasks; so you don’t have to worry about the functioning and uptime of your server.

5. Will I be provided with a dedicated IP address?

You will be offered with 2 dedicated IP’s along with your cloud server hosting plan. In case you have an additional requirement for more IP’s, they can be purchased on request. For each additional IP address we charge $2/month.

6. What are the modes of payment accepted?

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card – Moneybookers, and 2CheckOut.

7. What are the additional terms and conditions applicable to me after signing up for a cloud server hosting account?

You can view a complete summary of the terms and conditions that are applicable to you at – Terms of service