Currently, anyone running a server, is probably used to dealing with constant problems with blacklisted IPs. In many cases, the problem is greater when a single IP is shared by many accounts, which means that all its customers on a server, are sending e-mail from the same IP. All we need is a security for one of the accounts that runs a DarkMailer script because of which all customers receive errors when trying to send some e-mail.

In cPanel, you can change the IP address of the Exim without interrupting service and very easily. If you run a dedicated server, VPS or Cloud, can have a second IP, you can follow these steps and instead use the second IP for sending e-mails.

Step 1:

Sign in to WHM root access and go to Service Configuration “Exim Configuration Manager“. In the ‘Find‘ field, look for ‘Reference‘. Should enable the Reference / etc / mailips for outgoing SMTP server connection.

See Image:


Step 2:

Sign in via SFTP and in the / etc / mailips, insert the following line:


Where is, you must enter the IP you want to use for sending e-mails.

It’s all done. You can save the change and will thus make submissions through the IP indicated.


Be sure to make an analysis to find out where your server SPAM were sent. If the problem is not corrected, it is very likely that your second IP may also get blocked as well.