Some domain names are auto-renew only, this means they cannot be manually renewed.

To renew these domains Auto-renewal must be turned on prior to the “Auto-renew by date”, if  auto-renew is turned off  then once the auto-renew deadline has been reached the domain will expire despite how much time remains on the registration and you will loose your domain.

Important: When auto renewal is turned on an invoice for the domain will be raised prior to the a auto-renew by date, if the renewal invoice is not paid by the auto-renew by date then the domain will not be renewed.

Note: Regardless of the domain we always recommends client’s enable auto-renew to prevent the loss of important domains.

The following domain names are auto-renew only:

Auto-renew by = Number of days before expiration auto-renewal must be turned on by.

TLD Auto-Renew By
.ac 4
.at 5
.be 4
.ch 11 11 11 4 11
.de 2
.fr 11 4
.io 4
.it -10
.jobs -41
.jp 11*
.li 11 11 11 11 11 4
.pl 4
.sg 11
.sh 4
.tk 4
.tm -41

*.jp Renewal Rules:

  1. The expiration date is set to the last day of the month in which the domain was created.
  2. The “Auto Renew by” date is set to 10 days before the last day of that same month.