Addon Domain & Its Explanation

One of the most creative feature of a web hosting package is an addon domains. A very useful feature with in the hosting account is the add on domains, which gives you full access to create and manage more than one web site for web hosting, while maintaining your main domain which is the first account that you set up in your hosting account. First of all if a person who need to add an add on domain to its main domain, he has to register that particular domain name or redirect the existing domain name that he already have with him.

Then only an online surfer can able to use the add on domain feature within the web hosting control panel to secure your web site and its features. This will also cover your domain registration. The control panel will able to create a user name and password when you add an add on domain. It is worthy to note however, that every add on domain does not have its own configured control panel. Add on domains also have its own CGI and FTP access, its own email accounts and web statistics, which include the preferred AWStats package by clients, and sub-domains may even be created under these add on domains. An add on domain uses the space and bandwidth that is typical to your main-domain in web hosting.

The New Domains which are added under the main domain name are knowned as add on domains . Its can also be included over and above the main domain. It develops a sub-directory within your main web hosting directory but can interface a different or another web site. You would wonder weather a single domain account it is possible to have two or more web sites with two or more domains using. You ask if you can do all this without paying for another separate hosting account. Yes, this is possible by using add on domains. After your domain registration, the add on domain gathers the information from the sub-domain directory using the same space and bandwidth as your main account but cannot have its own separate control panel.

Some Of The Benefits of Having an Add On Domain

1) With the same web hosting account you can create create several domains and web sites.
2) You also save your money after having with the single hosting account as compared to several we hosting accounts.
3) With the add on domain the client has to same resources like disk space, bandwidth, etc as of main website.
4) The add on domain has its own independent FTP manager, site statistics and storage bins which are automatically posted and can also upload different postings, pages, images and forums to your add on domain directory.
5) You can access your add on domain using various web site addresses.
6) To gain the SEO benefits , several sites can be easily promoted from the single hosting account using have full benefits of different sets of keywords.