This article explains how to add a signature in open-source Roundcube webmail software. An email signature functions as an electronic business card. It attracts your email recipients while adding a professional touch to your message.

Let us follow the steps:

1. Start Roundcube Webmail software user interface.

2. From the side menu bar, pick up the Settings option.

3. In the Settings panel, choose Identities. There will be a list of existing identities displayed. The signature you’re about to set will be used in the email that appears with the identity.

4. You have the option of selecting an existing identity or creating a new one. If you want to create a new identity, select the Create option and fill out the required fields.

5. To add your signature, click the HTML symbol in the Signature area. To build your signature, you have a variety of alternatives.

6. You may add a written signature as well as an image to your signature. Click the image icon in the toolbar to add a picture.

You’ll be presented with a window where you may enter or edit an image.

7. Next to the Source text box, click the browse symbol.

8. Click on the uploaded image once you’ve browsed and uploaded an image from your local machine.

9. The Source field will be immediately populated with the image’s data. Click the OK button. The image will be added to the Signature.

10. Save the file.

11. A notification that says “Successfully saved” will appear. It indicates that the Signature has been applied to your Webmail account’s selected identity.

12. When you’re ready to write an email in Roundcube, click the HTML symbol in the message field to start typing.

13. It will begin creating the email in HTML, which is why the signature picture you specified for the email will appear.

Excellent, you finally know how to add a signature in Roundcube. More tutorials to help you develop a successful website may be found in our cPanel Knowledge Base section.

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