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    Default Negative Keywords


    What negative keywords means? Are they any helpful?

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    Negative keywords are used in keyword advertising to prevent ads from being shown up when the search terms contain the negative keywords. Afaik, a negative keyword is helpful in filtering unrelated pages.

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    Spelling mistake can be termed as negative keywords or you can say that the keywords which will bring no traffic to your website from SE's. Sometimes spelling mistake helps a lot for popular keywords in which chances of mistake are more.

    Example of such keywords would be "flavours". 50% people searching for linux flavors type "Linux Flavours" and you can easily top rank for such keywords.
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    Negative keywords are powerful tools in search advertising campaigns that are often under-utilized or overlooked. A well targeted keyword list can ensure relevant clicks for your business and services but also remember that over using negative keywords can result in a very limited advertising audience. You should carefully make the list of your potential keywords along with the negative keywords before you add them to Ad groups.
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