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  • Free SMS Notifications Service

    Hi everyone!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new free SMS notifications service, allowing you to receive notifications direct on your mobile phone when new invoices are due, orders that are set up, domains that are expiring and much more. To activate SMS notifications, simply go to Account Details -> SMS Notifications from the WHUK Client Area. From here, you can also customise the types of notifications you want to receive. You can take advantage of our free SMS service for notifications about:

    Invoice Reminders
    Order Setups
    Changes to Account Details
    Changes to Account Password
    Domains Expiring
    Special Webhosting UK Offers

    You can also set the time you prefer to receive SMS notifications from us. If we need to text you about an important change to your account (e.g. if your client account password has been changed), we will text you regardless the hour.

    As we serve customers in many countries around the world, we are pleased to announce our SMS notifications service is free with over 760 mobile networks and in over 210 countries worldwide.

    Kind Regards,

    The WHUK Team

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    Hello James,

    I am really very glad to see WebhositngUK talking a step ahead and providing us such an instant services by SMS, although I am curios to know if I will be notified by an SMS whenever maintenance or down-time is suppose to occur??


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      Hello Fuzone,

      We are happy to have such a good feedback for enabling this SMS update feature as it helps us as well as our clients to get the instant updates about there services with WHUK and if any changes billing account. I would like to inform you that we have recently enabled this feature so we have started giving basic updates via SMS to our clients to check how it goes and we are also working on enabling the features like SMS updates for maintenance or for the down-time that is supposed to occur. We are expecting these updates to be live in another couple of months..



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        SMS Notifications

        Hello Everyone,

        You can activate the SMS alert service with few clicks. Below are the quick steps ::

        Login to the Client Area >> Go to Account Details >> SMS notifications >> Fill in the form (and the Notifications required for field) >> Save Changes.

        Please feel free to provide us your valuable feedback about this service

        Rex Miller


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          Sorry but been wondering how much is the charge for this service?


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            Hi Travis,

            The SMS service from the billing area is absolutely free for our customers