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  • Facebook and Twitter Official Accounts

    Dear Forum Members,

    We are delighted to invite you to join our new Twitter and Facebook profiles. The popularity of these social networking websites has increased rapidly over the years and they are among the best platforms to keep people updated. Like our forum, now you will be able to find all the latest news, updates, promotional offers, network status and competitions held at through our Facebook and Twitter profile.

    With the introduction of Facebook and Twitter profiles, we intend to make things easier and convenient for our customers. We want every customer to be aware of all the news and updates happening at As a customer, all you have to do is follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Customers can also post a feedback about service and support on FB and Twitter.

    Facebook Fan Page :- | Facebook

    Facebook Group :- - Leader in Web Hosting | Facebook

    Twitter Account :- (WebhostingUKcom) on Twitter

    This is yet another step taken by in order to improve it's communication with customers and group members.

    We look forward to your active participation.

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    This is great news as I read Facebook everyday. I'm glad that you extended your ads in those websites.

    Do you pay these websites for your ads or is WHUK registered as a regular member?


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      We are not paying anything to FB or Twitter for our Company Group and Fan page. It's just a normal profile page. Is there any paid profile options on these social networking sites ?


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        I don't know about paid profile but I do know that Facebook is offering advertisement. I think it will exposed your company to others members who are not connected to your account.

        Here is the link: Advertising | Facebook


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          Hi Jaecob,

          I am very well aware of this advertising option on FB.

          I thought MisterT is referring to any other FB ad options.


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            Why have you got 2 facebook pages for,tbh you only need one.Having 2 could confuse peeps.


            • #7
              Yes, one is the Fan page and the other is the Group page. As facebook allows to create two different pages so we have created these pages. This is just to secure our company listing on FB so that others don't get chance to create our company pages on FB.

              At this moment we will continue with both the pages, later if we planned to discontinue any page then we will update all our members.


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                i want to link with you on my fb and twitter account.but how?im just new here in your forum.

                thanks,any help will be appreciated.


                • #9
                  This is really very good news for all the users.Now they can get the correct and all the information relayed to these networking sites.And this is more appreciable that they can give feedback also.


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                    Thanks for sharing Im gonna fallow.