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Free SmarterBundle with VPS, Semi Dedicated & Dedicated Servers!

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  • Free SmarterBundle with VPS, Semi Dedicated & Dedicated Servers!

    We at are pleased to announce that we now offer SmarterBundle Professional Edition FREE with our Windows VPS, Hyper-V VPS, Semi Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers as a result of our partership with SmarterTools Inc. SmarterBundle professional edition includes SmarterStats Pro 4.x for 50 Sites, SmarterTrack Pro 4.x for 2 Agents and SmarterMail Pro 6.x for 250 Mailboxes.
    • SmarterMail provides businesses the enterprise-level features they need along with an easy to use interface that includes Spam filters as well as multi-language support.

    • SmarterStats provides enterprise-level traffic analysis with organized reports, unparalleled stability, and detailed graphs.

    • SmarterTicket provides features such as an integrated knowledge base, complete history tracking, intelligent routing, auditability, and full reporting.

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    That's brilliant news! Excellent James. || cPanel VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting

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    Support: 0800-612-8725
    International: +44 191 303 8191


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      Smartermail and spam settings

      we are very impressed at the lack of spam we are now getting using Smartermail standard spam settings. There is one adjustment that might be helpful thoiugh : it seems the SORBS blacklist database is not (currently?) reliable and it may be best to de-select that one in the spam checks - with all the other standard settings there is pretty good cover.