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Webhosting UK Discontinues FrontPage on Unix Platform

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  • Webhosting UK Discontinues FrontPage on Unix Platform

    Dear Valued Customers,

    During our routine performance checks on the Linux shared servers, it has been found that FrontPage extensions is a very potent threat to the security and integrity of a server functioning on the Unix platform (all flavours). Our security configurations and monitoring system have shown us that there were a number of attempts to break into our servers using this path, which is evidence for it being very vulnerable and weak. We do not trust FrontPage to be secure and safe to be run on Unix Shared Server Environment.

    Web Hosting UK does recognise the fact that FrontPage is the preferred publishing tool of a significant chunk of clients who would rather not use the FTP mode of publishing. However, in the light of the fact that FrontPage is a big security vulnerability sitting to be exploited, we are unwilling to continue supporting it. In case, there is a big, concentrated attempt of intruding into a server or network, things would get out of hand as there is no sure-shot way of dealing with them.

    Moreover, Microsoft themselves have ceased to support FrontPage extensions on all Unix servers. Incumbent to all these factors, WebhostingUK will not support FP extensions on its linux shared hosting services anymore with immediate effect i.e. starting from 04th June 2008. FrontPage can be used with our windows hosting solutions. Customers who cannot live without FrontPage will have to move to one of our windows servers. A new cPanel server loaded with CentOS 5.x will be setup shortly where we would be allowing FrontPage extensions. In this case however, WebhostingUK would not be assuming any responsibility of the security and integrity of the data and files stored. Customers would have to maintain a daily backup themselves. The support team has integrated multiple security measures and patches to try and keep the server safe.

    WebhostingUK Technical Support should be contacted in case you wish to move to one of our windows servers. We know that this wont be considered to be a a very popular decison at this time. But keeping in mind the larger picture, this was imperative. We are sure that customers will like this step in the days to come.
    Nicolaus Grant
    QA & Customer Service

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    Will this affect VPS hosting ?
    black-dog Web stuff Band


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      At this time, it wont affect the VPS' and dedicated servers. This is been implemented on our shared hosting servers.
      Nicolaus Grant
      QA & Customer Service


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        A quick question: if 'FrontPage extensions is a very potent threat to the security and integrity of a server functioning on the Unix platform (all flavours)' why are Windows servers seemingly unaffected?
        black-dog Web stuff Band


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          All webhosting UK members with a problem with frontpage may come to us for assistance in any website repairs/uploads if they are unsure or just want help.

          Our rates for all clients will be reduced by 20% on our normal rates.

          We fully support the move to expunge frontpage both on shared and VPS (you can do ours anytime) It is not a tool we recommend for our clients and we have transferred other sites in the past (as well as CMS or web builder product built sites)

          Anyone wishing for help can pm me


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            As not everyone who has accounts with you visits this forum I assume you are also contacting everyone who is affected


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              I have just found out that I am one of the ones affected. AND I WAS NOT INFORMED.

              If i didn't visit the forum how would i have known?

              This is completely disgusting and totally unacceptable.

              None of the form are working on my website - if I hadn't tried to update the site today I would not have know. This is not very professional of you is it ?

              Yet again you have let me down - you really do get what you pay for - cheap hosting - cheap service.


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                I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
                We understand that these changes will certainly affect your site administration in one way or another. However, our top priority here is to protect our servers and clients data.
                Please open a ticket with support team, I will get your form working again.



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                  I have already spoken to chat which is how I found out I was one of the ones affected. I have already opened a ticket (#GNR-64765-394) and chat said they would make sure it was sorted urgently but I still haven't had a reply.

                  I am most annoyed that no-one bothered to contact ME about it Surely you can tell which sites have FP EXT enabled so you wouldn't have to contact everyone. But to announce it on the forum on the same day you remove the FP EXT and not give anyone ANY notice, or even tell them, is DISGUSTING. Even I don't visit this forum every day and many of your customers don't visit at all. Surely a courtesy email would have been the LEAST you should have done.

                  Parts of my 3 sites are not working because of this and I can't update the sites - stuff has sold out and I need to update those pages. I can see if this is not sorted ASAP then I am going to lose customers.


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                    I have put a tut to assist some of those chaps affected on the forms side by the frontpage block so they do not have to wait for support


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                      Whats a tut?

                      Forms are the least of my problems - and no doubt any work around you come up with will involve me actually publishing - which is what I CAN'T DO.

                      Surely something we signed up to cannot be changed like this without notice? Isn't there something in the contract? I made sure BEFORE I SIGNED UP that FP EXT would ALWAYS be supported - I really can't get over on here how much I dislike how this has been done. I understand the reasons behind it but totally DISAGREE with HOW it has been done.

                      Surely one more day to let people know by email and get them sorted BEFORE would not have been too much of a problem.


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                        If you have a control panel you can publish, go to

                        type in your main username and password and go to file manager where you can see all your files, upload them, modify them and delete them.

                        You do not even need an FTP program Cassie.


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                          Incidentally a tut is a tutorial, and I was being helpful, I do not work for webhosting uk.


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                            I wasn't getting at you - just asking what a tut was. The rest was comment on how badly this has been handled

                            I use front page to publish - i always have. In fact I have been told many times in the past NOT to do it any other way as it affects the site.


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                              I guess it would be simpler for you to move to a windows server then.

                              Unix was never really meant for front page extensions, it was meant for those of us that get down and dirty with code.

                              I am sure you were told to use it because to ftp to a frontpage site can "damage" the space. If it is Unix (which yours obviously is) it should be fine for you to change files and upload them via the control panel.

                              Some extensions for front page managed things like animation, but can be fixed to do the same job (mostly) a different way.

                              As annoying as it is security is an extremely important part of hosting both for us and for them. If they had emailed BEFORE they swithed off it would be like leaving the bank vault door open for all servers.

                              I admit they should have emailed everyone by now, and they are improving customer service (had a REMINDER email to pay this month ! It was very helpful and I have paid ) Since moving to vps there have been some troubles, mainly now all ironed out although I have a few niggles here and there, but on the whole performance HAS improved. I see the attention to security as KEY as they run a secure server (to accept CC) so this has to be bullet proof.