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What is SIP trunking?

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  • What is SIP trunking?

    It would be great if someone tells me about SIP trunking?
    thank you!

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    Session Initiation Protocol, is the technology that creates, modifies, and terminates sessions in an IP network, whether a two-way call or a multi-party conference call. SIP way to achieve a voice over IP (VoIP) call. Itís an application layer protocol used for setting up real-time sessions of audio and/or video between two endpoints (phones). A SIP provider can connect one, two, or twenty channels to your Private Branch Exchange (PBX), allowing you to make local, long distance, and international calls over the Internet.


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      SIP trunking is a technique by which business phone systems can work using internet connection rather than a conventional phone line. It is provided by SIP providers, which are similar to traditional phone companies, except SIP providers give access to phone lines over the internet (and SIP service is significantly at low cost - sometimes as much as 60-80% low).

      Costs less - Less cost for installation
      Scales easier - Makes easy to scale your operation for free
      Reliable - Offers increased phone service reliability


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        Thanks for your response,it really helped me out to clarify the SIP trunking. Still more answers are welcome.


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          It is a protocol offered by a communications service provider. The service provider uses this protocol to provide voice over IP connectivity between the phone system and the public switched telephone network. This protocol is used in call management, establishment.