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  • Storage Clusters Reboot - VM Cloud


    Work will be performed on the storage clusters housing our VMware and HyperV clusters. This has been scheduled between 11PM to midnight on 27/04/2011.

    This needs to be done because the AC issue we experienced today has impacted the way in which the devices talk to each other in the cluster and also the level of monitoring available to us. There is no immediate risk of problems, but it isn't prudent to operate partially sighted for too long, as we won't be able to pick up on problems.

    There may be a downtime period of 0-30 seconds while this work is carried out. In theory it should never go above 2 seconds, but we have allowed the extra window just in case.

    Customers impacted will also receive an e-mail later tonight.

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    This task has been completed within scheduled time windows. Evey thing is working perfect.
    One VMware Node on Cluster 3 had an extended issue which lasted 5 minutes, which resulted in 10 VMs being down for 5 or so minutes.

    All other nodes and VMs experience near to no time.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.