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Power Issues in Blue Sqauare 2 and 3

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  • Power Issues in Blue Sqauare 2 and 3

    Dear Customer,

    We are currently experiencing some power issues in Blue Square 2 and 3, as such We are working hard to get it resolve as quick as possible.

    We are yet to figure out what exactly caused this outage. We appreciate your patience & understanding during this phase and also highly regret any inconvenience caused.

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    Server Down - Network issues?

    Last week I had terrible problems with a server so upgraded the server, its been running fine since saturday, then today I got an alert from saying that some web sites were not available.

    I had SSH open so checked and there were no activity on the users so I stopped apache, restarted and everything was fine for 10 minutes.

    Then server totally went offline.

    I am in chat right now and been told "We are currently facing network issue and our network engineers are working on it.".....

    So clients are complaining they cant get web sites or email and have been waiting for live chat guy to update me so have called the helpdesk in the UK and am on hold for the last 10 minutes.

    This is driving me mad.

    Are there network issues within WHUK and if so what are the causes and can we expect a report about it?


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      Thanks for the info, I was thinking it was just my server.


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        Hi Alex,

        Someone needs to figure it out asap because my clients are not so forgiving. I am getting tonnes of complaints already and with the issues I had last week, the reputation of my company is in the gutter right now.

        The live chat guy is saying

        Peter M: our network engineers are working on it with highest priority
        Its been down since 11.15 CET which was nearly 30 minutes ago.

        Kindest Regards
        Craig Edmonds


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          Where is this forum hosted because it never seems to go down.


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            Also getting lots of complaints.

            Hope its sorted soon.

            Bad day so far. Even England have just lost another wicket!


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              Originally posted by acwatts View Post
              Where is this forum hosted because it never seems to go down.
              The forum is hosted in Milton Keynes DC.


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                Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that this is causing and be assured that we are working hard to resolve the issue.


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                  Power Issues?!?

                  I was under the impression you were resilient enough to cope with power issues i.e UPS's?!?

                  Not a good start to our relationship and its only a week old!


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                    Its quite a coincidence as I had instructed one of my managers to create a surveymonkey poll to ask my clients how well we did.

                    Might be a mistake to send it out I think.

                    DT is now 55 minutes. I have only had 19 complaints so far so lets see if the network wil be back up soon.


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                      Its back on here!!!


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                        Thanks for your patience.Main power is restored , We are booting up servers rackwise so all will be up shortly.


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                          Great Stuff Alex,

                          Still down here but sitting here glued with my eyes to ping monitor so hopefully will be back soon.


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                            .....still waiting!


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                              Been going on for 75 minutes now, no?

                              Still waiting.
                              I have 10 clients websites on my VPS. Am already getting compliant mails. Please get my VPS back up. IP: