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Past 3 nights lost network connection

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  • Past 3 nights lost network connection

    For the last 3 nights our dedicated server has gone offline for 5-10mins. Everytime it was around 3-4am.

    Although this is not a massive issue, can we be made aware of any future network maintenance as I have been woken up each night by our server monitoring txt messages (groan)?

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    Hi Glenn,

    I've forwarded your sever IP to one of our System Admin, he is looking into this once I've an update from him I'll post it here.


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      We have checked the server logs, the server uptime is impressive it's up from past couple of months and there's nothing in the logs which states about this uncertain downtime at midnight. This isn't a server side issue, if the problem reoccurs please immediately get in touch with our Admins through 24x7 Live Chat support. In Plesk there's a WatchDog monitoring system which notifies the administrator if any of the active services goes down and it also restart the service as per the set timing. You can enable this service from Plesk -> Modules -> WatchDog -> Click on enable. If you need any assistance with this, please let us know.


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        I have a couple of dedicated servers with you, the one in question is This runs Virtualmin.

        It isn't a service going down, as incoming and outgoing network connectivity is affected (I can see this from the cronjob errors). It's almost as if the server has been unplugged for a few minutes... ?


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          Hi Glenn,

          I was not aware that you've multiple accounts with us. I got your account details in our billing from the email address which you have used in the forum. My last reply was in reference to the server IP, we have also checked the logs of but still there's nothing in the logs. If the problem reoccurs please take a trace route from your local machine to your server IP and contact our Support Admin through 24x7 Live Chat to get the issue fixed.


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            There's a handy site for this too if you happen to be up when it reports it.

            Providing you can get to this site as well : Down for everyone or just me?
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