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Connection problems between Asia and Europe.

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  • Connection problems between Asia and Europe.

    Hello All,

    On Friday December 19th several cables, located underwater in the Mediterranean, were cut. By Sunday most ISPs located in Asia had routed their traffic over the Pacific region, which has resulted in severe congestion on routes into Europe, specifically over the US.

    As a result of this, visitors from Asia may experience slow response times from websites hosted with Webhosting UK and many other hosting providers in Europe. One of the cables is scheduled to be repaired by December 25th, while the other should be fixed by new year. Visitors from Asia may experience slow response times until then.

    We will update this thread if we receive any new information on this problem.

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    According to officials, the internet lines were damaged either due to ship's anchor or a minor earthquake. The Global internet connectivity is disturbed because of this outage. A similar outage problem had taken place a year ago which affected 75 million people all over the world.


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      They should make the wire more redundant to things such as Earthquakes and Anchors etc. || VPS Hosting || Reseller Hosting


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        There are pans for another 4 lines over the next 18 months. They say that's in the same region though. I hope that's region as in hundreds of miles, and not region as in a couple of feet away