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    I've had 4 sites off for at least 5-6 hours now. I was told it was a disk crash. How's it going

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    Server has been setup with new Drives. Data is getting copied again with speed of 12 Mbps so all websites should be online in next 2 hours.
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      Still no access to websites or email. Now I am getting 404 messages and cannot access the cpanel due to invalid log on. This is a joke. MSN and java support keep fobbing me off with "Please wait another 2-3 hours". I have been told that all night. Was originally told everything would be up again at 2130GMT last night.

      My sites have been down for 12 hours now. Why has no back up or mirrored drive kicked in so that I can gain access. As usual no information on this forum, explaining what happened.

      This thread says that everything should be up again by 0200GMT, why are we still waiting?


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        mate, i'm going through the same throws as you. I find the tech support a joke, honestly they're probably fire fighting the same questions over and over again. As for the server management, maybe they shouldn't of moved to a new data centre?! Like you said i can't understand why a mirrored drive hasn't kicked in, and as for the backup take this long, what are they doing? Are they picking every byte by hand and restoring it?

        Being on a Linux box you should expect RAID 1, and working in that config you can hot swap the drives for this very reason. What i find strange is why say a disk failure when it most def looks like a server failure.

        As with all tech supports they think they know more than the client, in this case they don't and it shows drastically.

        well after speaking to their tech support, they are now informing me another 8-10hrs. What the hell are they doing?!?! This means the service will have been down for approx 24hrs!!!! People i would highly recommend to complain and seeking compensation for the lack of ability by the people looking after the servers. As mentioned before it still baffles me why now mirrored configuration wasn't set up. Needless to say when tech support was pushed they just repeat the same answer, like robots, AND they don't reply to me anymore when pushed. Again this is VERY poor customer service, wish i never renewed the server subscription now. Most def will be moving away after this year and would recommend you do the same too!! Within a space of a year this has happened twice to me. First time hackers cracked the server probably using a server activated string that rewrote all index.* pages. The kick in the nuts was they failed to backup my data, so i had to start from scratch. Extremely annoyed then, and now this.

        As i've mentioned before, i actually knew the guy who set this company up a few years back and he then sold it on. Wish he didn't as the service has gone down hill ever since.
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          So I come back after 3 hours, which is what I was last told, and STILL no access. I think it is sad that customers have to get together on here to share information. I'm now waiting for MSN support to answer me and give me an update. Scream, I cannot believe they are saying to you to wait another 8-10 hours. What happened to the promise that everything would be up and running early this morning. Did they miscalculate the 12 Mps???

          Every time I mention the RAID 1 and why it didn't kick in, support seem to ignore the question and talk about something else, like "They are performing maintenance"

          COME ON, IF THESE GUYS CAN'T GET A BACK UP WORKING, TELL US NOW SO WE CAN START UPLOADING OUR OWN and minimise the waste of time we have already gone through.

          I am also regretting renewing my accounts next time they come up for renewal.

          I would be interested to hear other customers views on the past 15 hours. Write them hear for everyone to see.


          I have also tried emailing my accounts, and I am not getting any bounce reply notifications. So customers emailing me now will not get a bounce back and I will probably not receive their emails.
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            We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are in process of restoration of the accounts on the server and we will keep you updated through this thread.


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              What about the RAID, why hasn't it kicked in??????


              And as for updates, let me give you the history of updates I have received from MSN and java support.

              I discovered my site was down after 1730 Friday night, and was told by java support to wait 'a couple of minutes'.

              After waiting an hour, I went onto MSN support and they told me to wait 'about 2 hours'.

              at 2030 I was told everything would 'be up and running by 2130'

              2130 came and went, and MSN support told me to wait another 'couple of hours'

              I checked online around midnight and still nothing, so went to bed thinking it would be all sorted by morning.

              For some reason I woke up around 0515 Saturday morning, and decided to check out the website. STILL NOTHING! So got onto MSN support. I was assured that everything would be sorted by 2-3 hours. So I assured them that I would be back again by 0900 to check.

              And now, at 0900, I try Java chat, who tell me to wait 5 hours from now, and MSN chat who tell me to wait 8-10 hours from now - and 'assure me that everything will be sorted in 8-10 hours.


              What about the RAID, why hasn't it kicked in??????


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                The RAID drive was reimaged and hence we can not use that drive. We are restoring the accounts from our backup server it will take another 4 - 5 Hrs to get all accounts restored on the server.


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                  Here is a copy of MSN chat transcript...

                  Dave says: (09:00:14)

                  [email protected] says: (09:01:39)

                  Dave says: (09:02:03)
                  Are you the same person I spoke to at 05:30?

                  [email protected] says: (09:02:35)

                  [email protected] says: (09:02:35)
                  may i know the issue please

                  [EDIT].....I explain what's happened.....

                  [email protected] says: (09:06:3
                  I truly apologize for the inconvenience caused to you but due to hard disk crash the server is down and the back restoration is in process, it will take time approximately 8-10 hours, no e-mails will be harmed.... but we need your kind patience and understanding...

                  Dave says: (09:09:06)
                  So why was I told to wait 2-3 hours at 05.23 this morning?

                  [email protected] says: (09:10:39)
                  truly apologizing what had been said, because we had got information that it will be up in that period but as the back restorattion is going that completely depends on it

                  Dave says: (09:10:5
                  I was just talking to Hayden on the Java chat and he told me 5 hours? and you are saying 8-10 hours. Why isn't anyone telling the truth?

                  [email protected] says: (09:11:45)
                  we are telling the maximum liomited time

                  [email protected] says: (09:11:57)
                  it may be up within 5 hours

                  Dave says: (09:12:1
                  It should have been up now

                  Dave says: (09:12:5
                  So I'll be back again, when you are finished your shift in 10 hours, and I'll go through this again with another operator and he will apologize to me and ask me to be patient again?

                  [email protected] says: (09:13:31)
                  no this will not happen

                  [email protected] says: (09:13:37)
                  the server will be up till then

                  Dave says: (09:15:02)
                  the server will be up till then... I have heard that before....
                  Here is a copy of earlier transcript:....
                  Dave says: (05:27:57)So is it really going to be 2-3 hours? or will I come back in 3 hours and find I have to wait another 2-3 hours??? I was originally told it would have been available last night at 21.30GMT
                  [email protected] says: (05:31:53)yes it will be up within that time span

                  Dave says: (09:17:00)
                  Answer me this, why wasn't I told at 0530 that the server would take 13-14 hours?

                  [email protected] says: (09:17:25)
                  who have chat with you at that time

                  Dave says: (09:17:55)
                  I don't know, I spoke to, who was on at 0530?

                  [email protected] says: (09:18:49)
                  there are many staff cant say who have taken your chat, I will be rectifying this but it will be much helpful that you wait for some more time

                  Dave says: (09:20:2
                  I'm all for being patient, but my patience wears thin when I get misinformation, I wait, and then come back only to be told to start over again and wait another set of hours.

                  Dave says: (09:20:51)
                  My confidence is that I will come back in 8-10 hours and find I have to wait other 5 hours or so

                  Dave says: (09:21:06)
                  Why hasn't the RAID 1 kicked in

                  Dave says: (09:21:0

                  [email protected] says: (09:26:51)
                  I apologize for the misinformation given to you but it appreciable that you wait for some more time and this is the last time we are telling you to wait, the server will be soon up that I am assuring that

                  Dave says: (09:27:12)

                  Dave says: (09:28:19)
                  Sorry for any abuse, but as you can gather I am really fed up

                  [email protected] says: (09:28:30)
                  yes I can understand

                  [email protected] says: (09:28:46)
                  and will try our best that it should resolve as soon as possible

                  Dave says: (09:36:11)
                  Why didn't the RAID kick in?

                  [email protected] says: (09:36:39)
                  the server was rebotted and the restoration is going on

                  Dave says: (09:36:52)
                  So why didn't the RAID kick in?

                  [email protected] says: (09:40:42)
                  I dont know exactly admins were looking at the issue

                  [email protected] says: (09:40:47)
                  but I will inform them

                  Dave says: (09:42:3
                  So why is it not being used now, whilst the other partition is being restored and backed up?

                  [email protected] says: (09:43:44)
                  this is included in the restoartion
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                    james not to be rude but do you know what RAID 1 is? As by saying it had to be re-imaged suggests to me that you're running RAID 0, and in which case what the hell were you doing running that on a web server!?

                    This whole situation has just been one complete mess. What's more i bet you wont compensate your customers. Well i hope people take heed of this and leave when their contracts come up, as the customer/technical support is rubbish.

                    Personally i would have got it all up and running within 4hrs max. That's our response time to get everything back where i work. What about your SLA's, don't you have any in place?! I'm guessing you don't from this action, and the previous incident where you lost all my data when your servers got cracked.

                    Instead of saying your sorry, i suggest you get the job done, as saying it will be fixed in approx 5-10hrs is a joke. Damn, i could rebuild the server from scratch and have everything back up and running in that time. At this rate this situation will have gone on for 24hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just wont do!!

                    GET IT DONE!!!!


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                      I will be leaving after this latest fiasco. I too lost all my data, including forum data about two or three years ago, after they lost my data and didn't have a back up when the server went down. Then about six months after the incident, the data they said had been lost, magically appeared one morning and I got my forum and website back exactly as it was when it had been lost six months previous.

                      I have no confidence in that I will not lose anything when the site returns today because of what has happened during previous incidents. Thankfully, now I take my own regular backup because I know what this company is capable of. This is the last straw, and I will be looking for an alternative web hosting company when my renewal comes up.

                      I don't know too much about RAIDs etc, but I do know that at my company, we couldn't afford to be without the servers which holds all our work for this amount of time. I am totally cut off because I cannot access my regular emails etc.

                      Surely a backup system allows you to get things going again without the customer even knowing there is a problem behind the scenes.


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                        Scream and Londonmate, please let me know your domain names hosted with us. I will personally forward them to our support dept. and have your accounts restored at the earliest on a priority basis.


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                          RAID 1 does exactly that, it allows for hot swappable drives. This is particularly good in the linux environment, windows can be an arse regarding it. I work for the government, and in particular an emergency service, so it's important that the servers can cope with massive demands and take a knock but still offer a service, even if it is slowed down. Here there is no service at all.

                          The kick in the nuts is i just renewed my server contract, and i'll be def looking into moving my domains away and seeking a refund as this is extremely poor service.

                          Would rather pay that little bit more and actually get a service than having to listen to the lies and ill judgments from the so called "tech support".

                          OR they could hire me and i'll come and sort out their servers and implement a system which is resilient and has a better Disaster Recovery (DR) than the one in place now. As this DR is none existence, like i said no Service Level Agreement's (SLAs) seem to be in place at all.

                          At least that way they'll get a fully qualified engineer that actually knows what he's doing, and can give proper ideas of time in fixing a problem. The irony is that i bet most customers would be ok, if not a little miffed, if you said it's gonna take 6hrs to fix, and you kept to it. But time and time again you breached that. That is woefully poor customer service.


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                            more than happy to james, but why would our domains be restored first, as if your in the middle of restoring tryin to restore particular domains will create a nightmare. jumping into the backed up images would cause a bigger burden on restoring the servers. I would rather wait and get a proper job done than for the images to be messed about with and delay everyone else.

                            what i do hope for is compensation, as i don't think that is to much to ask considering the fiasco that has gone on here.


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                              I am with you scream.

                              I don't want to mess up the restoring either, and then create a further delay. But I do expect things back and running again by this evening.

                              I wonder if the data being restored is the current version? I hope the data isn't going to be a week old or something like that.