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    I would like to switch does anyone know of any affordable email services with more up time?
    Required these things listed below.

    UK based company
    99.9% uptime
    fast interface
    24x7 support
    enough storage space per mailbox

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    Zimbra email hosting service for Business and Home Users

    Hi Moriana,

    Take a look at Zimbra email hosting service. Itís definitely cover most of your requirements. Also you can easily imported your all emails from the previous email service provider to Zimbra.


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      We use a cloud server for a client who only needs business emails and cannot afford any downtime. You could instead use a cloud server to host your emails. It's reliable and there you have more control over the server so you could send more emails and huge attachments too. Also you have enough space to store emails.


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        Hosted Exchange would be another good option for email service. It happens to be a little expensive one coming from Microsoft ofcourse but worth the money. It happens to be a powerful email service with calendar and other online collaboration tools.


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          Even a simple hosting plan that allows you to host email is a good option. It is usally reliable and maintains backup too. The server will allow you to use their mail servers for incoming and outgoing emails. I think you should be fine with a simple hosting plan too. It also gives you other features like hosting, ftp etc


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            You could go with Google Apps. That's professional and uses a cloud storage. They also have a 30 day trial so you could go test it and it see if it suits your requirements.


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              Zimbra Email Hosting provides you with a wide range of collaboration features like Email, Contacts, Calendar, Documents, Instant Messaging and Tasks on a private platform. You can access and share emails, tasks, schedule and documents from anywhere on the Internet through this platform. This business class email hosting service is a powerful and safe method for organizations to communicate instantly and efficiently.

              Key Features:-
              Web based Email control panel
              AJAX web browser based client with integrated search, shared calendar and mail
              Support for Outlook: calendar, mail, contacts and offline mode
              Support for mobile devices: Blackberry, Treo and etc
              Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)
              Integrated Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and Directory Services (LDAP, Active Directory)
              Web 2.0 Mash-up framework (Zimlets)