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  • WordPress for Lead Generation


    I have read that businesses are using WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation. Is it really useful and how?

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    WordPress for Lead Generation

    Yes there are Wordpress plugins for lead generation, today many businesses have understood the importance having Corporate and organizational blogs it is said that if we have info then we can have the control.

    By using these specific Wordpress plugins you can know the website behavior of your visitors as it can be tracked. If visitors submit a form on your website then you can trace the website pages that your visitors stay at, what time did they take to return and what social networking website they were on.

    If you know all this then you will be prepared to make the next move for the sales pitch. You will have leads which can be filtered out and no wasting time on lukewarm leads. The competition is increased and monopolies have become nonexistent.

    As they say that business is not business unless it is personal. Remember that people love to buy but they hate to be sold.


    Leadin this Wordpress plugin can track visitors to your website by using cookie.

    Optin Monster is a lead-generation that creates appealing optin in forms.